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In business since 2008 we know how to support your company.
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Our Services

Cloud Service
  • G-suite migrations.
  • Office 365 Migrations
  • Full cloud migrations
  • Hybrid cloud migrations
  • Virtual servers
Data Recovery & Backup Plan

From simple secure file backup to full cloud restore disaster recovery solutions.

Network Design

Allow us to design your network, from simple peer to peer, client server or cloud thin client. We can deliver all at affordable pricing.

Laptop/Desktop Repair

Repair Service Available

IT Decomissioning

We can securely decommission your old IT hardware. Wiping of hard drives and refurbishing or recycling your old equipment.

Cyber Security

Trust us to evaluate your security concerns. Network security audits and penetration testing.

Who We Are

I formed Failsafe IT in 2008 to provide a professional and complete IT service to Irish businesses during very difficult economic circumstances.

Currently while these economic difficulties are not as obvious, with Failsafe IT you can expect the best value IT service in the country.

We now strive to refurbish, re-use and recycle safely your IT equipment. We guide our clients on what equipment can be purchased refurbished to save both costs and have a positive environmental impact.


We can also guarantee to slash your IT costs while maintaining a very high standard of service.

We can assess and implement any aspect of your IT.

Gary McNamara

Director & founder (Failsafe IT Ltd)

Failsafe IT statement on backups and Viruses

Failsafe IT implement backup procedures for our customers and use a best effort policy to ensure all data is backed up. We centralise clients data onto their server where applicable and back the server up using best practice 3-2-1 strategies. We do not backup individual pcs or desktops on our standard sites where the clients have a server so it is important clients do not reconfigure their pcs and store locally on desktops etc. We also take no responsibility for any data loss if such backups fail to restore. This is due to the high number of variables involved in such scenarios. We will of course monitor and test restore customers data on request and it is advised that regular test restores are performed to ensure data integrity. We can carry out this service for a minor additional fee.

Please schedule your test restore today to ensure your backup is working

Failsafe IT always try to ensure that customers have current anti virus software on their devices where applicable but sometimes this is not enough due to the fluid nature of viruses so we also cannot take any responsibility for virus infections on customers devices. It is always advised to check that your anti virus is functioning and up to date and if you suspect it is not then call immediately. It is also advised that you do not open emails from suspect sources and double check suspicious emails with the sender where possible even if you recognise the sender. Windows updates being up to date are also vital in defending against virus infection.

Due to it being impossible to completely guard against viruses, the removal of them is always chargeable.

Our remote support agreements include
  • Telephone and Remote support of your existing systems during normal business hours.
  • Normal business hours are 9am- 5.30pm Monday-Friday and excluding public holidays.
  • Next day (latest) onsite response for emergencies.
  • Helpful advice by text on Saturday.
  • Reduced hourly rates for RMM clients
  • All third party software not supplied by Failsafe IT is supported by the vendors directly.
  • Support for such software is always advisable to have.

Anything not mentioned above is not covered.

Should you have any queries in regard to the above please get in contact

Full support agreement text available on request

Failsafe IT advice on Ransomware

Ransomware is a huge problem and the attacks are getting more sophisticated and changing so this list may not be definitive but is a good starting point.


  • Be extra careful with emails and opening emails, also be very careful of attachments and be careful of clicking on links in emails you are not expecting.
  • If you receive an email from a known contact but it is unusually short perhaps phone the person before opening it to ensure it was sent legitimately.

On your computer

  • Do not install anything you do not recognise.
  • Do not visit sites that are dodgy or offering anything “free” like free football (sky sports free streaming etc)
  • Do not file share using torrents.
  • Do not login to anything you do not recognise.
  • Do check https lock symbol on sites you are visiting that need to be secure (booking flights etc).
  • Ensure you have good backups & check your antivirus is up to date and functioning
  • Ensure windows is up to date
  • Do not allow cold callers access to your computer
  • On a Failsafe IT site in general anything that is stored on your laptop/PC outside of your email is not backed up so therefore vulnerable to this.
  • Items stored on the server and or cloud are backed up so can be recovered from backup


Data Storage

Failsafe IT do not collect, unnecessarily store or pass on anyone’s data ever.


We do not undertake marketing campaigns as all our clients are referrals.


The data stored in our CRM system does not identify any natural person.

Accounts data

The only data stored for accounts purposes is both encrypted and stored mostly offline and is accurate and is deleted from our systems immediately if a client relationship ends.

Online backups-online data

Any uploaded data from online backups is encrypted at source, our servers are encrypted and our email is accessed by https only and protected by 2 factor authentication.